Rob has enjoyed making a lot of different breakfasts lately.  This week it was yummy sausages and soft boiled eggs.

Here are a few of my new favorites Vagabond ShoesNixon Kensington WatchMenu Weight Here Candleholder and iPhone Case White Mouse iPhone. You can see more of this outfit on

We always pass by places on walks and this week we decided to sneak into one.  Corona Heights Park was a nice easy and casual hike with a great view up at the top.  It's nice to always get a different perspective or look onto San Francisco.  

We also stopped in Potrero Hill and checked out this coffee house Front Cool interior design and use of an old loading dock with yummy coffee.


We love projects so sometimes we swing by Building Resources to hunt some fun stuff to play around and get creative with.  They have really great recycled materials, art displays, and all sorts funky finds.  

Til next time...

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