Since I have lots of pictures, I recently decided to begin sharing some here.  My husband and I enjoy little projects, as well as taking walks and local adventures around the bay area.  I wanna share some of the things I've enjoyed so hopefully you will too...

Breakfast is for egg lovers... and for me more often then not.  


I found a few new topics and interests that I have been noticing myself capturing more often lately.  The first is old architectural buildings that are so beautiful when maintained.  I feel like San francisco is a city that has tons of them to be discovered.  

Second is flowers... I find them so calm and beautiful with so much to admire, but I'm not so good at taking care of them.  I guess in order not to kill them I've been trying to learn more about them... by capturing and spending more time with them... hehe


I really want a vintage car some day.  They have so much fun character to them...  

vintage car

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