There were heat waves in San Francisco this past week.  I'll be wishing we get more of them during this summertime season :) We spent time on our walks to all the usual streets ... lots of eggs and omelettes for breakfast along the way.  How about you?

Another fav Inspiration Books  Cereal Magazine

Another fav Inspiration Books Cereal Magazine


We usually love wearing the same style that is comfortable, and here is my hubby's new uniform outfit that he loves :)

*rollover the image to see what it is ...

It took a few months to finally get these pictures framed!  The 2013 Guide To San Francisco poster is a limited edition by David Ehrenstrahle.  He also has a collection of different personal travel guide posters of all the cities that inspire him.  I've been looking for a while for this Andy Warhol Moderna Musseet poster and finally got one on ebay ... yay.  It speaks the truth too... I do only look at pictures.

Over the weekend while running random errands, we finally got to stop in this little Cafe Hollow. The simplicities and rustic feel of the design is very calming and creates a nice relaxing atmosphere.  We just ordered some yummy lattes and an empanada to share.  It was pretty delicious ... I believe best described as "Yumm!" ...


Also, don't forget to check out the store next door Dandy. It is an extension of Hallow's retail space specialized in kitchen supplies and other gifts.


Have you heard of Bay to Breaker?  It's been a part of San Francisco for over 100 years. Thousands of people wearing costumes walk and dance along the 12k run route that winds through the city :)  It's the best time to just hang out with friends and do some people watching.

Meanwhile Sayhellomax is feeling a little tropical this week.  Don't forget to head over and check out the new shoots of Tienlyn and my monochrome outfit with animal prints.


Till later then ...

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